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Editorial: Apology is fine, but now we need action


Portlaoise General Hospital

Portlaoise General Hospital

Portlaoise General Hospital

HEALTH Minister Leo Varadkar told an Oireachtas health committee yesterday that he was “ashamed” at the manner in which patients were treated in the maternity unit at the Midland Regional Hospital in Portlaoise.

Patients were treated “dreadfully and at times inhumanely”, he stated.

Anyone who’s aware of the findings of the HIQA report into care at the hospital would agree with this.

But wringing our hands is not enough. The Minister rightly states that the Portlaoise investigation “should not just be another report”.

This cuts to the core of the fallout from the Portlaoise findings.

The HSE has apologised and the Government may express its shame, but without real change, such statements are

just hot air.

What occurred to mothers and families at Portlaoise must never happen again. The issue is not just one of resources, it’s one of attitude, of care and of compassion. These must be to the fore in our health system.

Scout theft is so callous

MANY crimes have a cost which goes far beyond their monetary impact.

That is the case with the theft of a container of equipment stolen from scout group in south Dublin.

Callous thieves made off with €20,000 worth of tents, tables, generators, lights and more in the robbery at the premises used by the 45th

Mount Argus scout group, in Harold’s Cross.

The effect of this crime has been the cancellation of summer camps and the inevitable disappointment for many children.

The group now finds itself having to fundraise to replace the equipment.

This effect of this theft has been to disrupt a community and impact on a valuable service. The perpetrators must be caught.