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Editorial: Answers are needed over tragic Rachel

RACHEL Peavoy's tragic death is deeply shocking. The young mum died in her flat from hypothermia during the winter's cold snap.

We're now hearing that she froze to death after Dublin City Council refused to restore her heating.

How this can happen in Ireland in the 21st century is incomprehensible.

Her grieving family deserve answers and so does the public.

We have to find out who made the decision to disconnect Rachel's heating and then refused to turn it back on.

There has to be accountability in this matter. Rachel was a young, bubbly woman. By all accounts, she was in the whole of her health and kept fit. Her sons Leon and Warren have now been left without a mother.

Her family have said she continually asked the council to reverse its decision. But the council told the young mother it was "impossible" to restore her heating.

This tragedy cannot be let pass without a proper investigation.