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Editorial: Another Joe O'Reilly appeal fails


Joe O'Reilly. Photo: Courtpix

Joe O'Reilly. Photo: Courtpix

Joe O'Reilly. Photo: Courtpix

IT was third time unlucky for wife killer Joe O’Reilly yesterday, when the Court of Appeal rejected his latest attempt to appeal his life sentence for murder – this time on the basis that it was a miscarriage of justice.

On this occasion O’Reilly’s case didn’t even make it to full hearing, with the three-judge court dismissing the matter before it could be heard in full.

This was the third separate appeal made by O’Reilly since his 2007 conviction for the brutal killing of his wife at their home in the Naul three years


He lost an appeal against conviction in 2009 and in 2012 failed in an attempt to have his conviction declared unlawful.

Will this vile individual now continue with his habit of clogging up the courts with unsuccessful, if not nonsensical, actions?

For the sake of Rachel Callaly’s family we should hope not – her mother Rose yesterday spoke of her relief at the court’s decision. The message

for Joe O’Reilly is simple: you did the crime, do the time.


Childcare is major issue

IF the Government is in any need of an advance warning about doorstep election issues they have now.

Some 83pc of Irish parents believe that Ireland is experiencing a childcare crisis, according to a new survey.

What’s more, 94pc of parents believe that private childcare is too expensive, and almost as many believe it should be subsidised by the


There is no doubt then that childcare, perhaps second only to mortgage matters, is one of the biggest issues facing Irish families.

Not only is it consuming an increasing amount of cash resources but in many cases mothers must put their careers on hold, as returning to the

workplace is prohibitively expensive when childcare costs are taken into account. This is a huge issue for families – Mr Kenny and his ministers need to address it.