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Editorial: Anger over Obama's debt deal

OBAMA is today feeling the heat from those on his own side of the stateside political party divide as he has proven that, when it comes to compromise with the other side, 'yes he can'.

The row, which has divided Democrats down the middle, centres around an emergency debt-ceiling deal that will suck up some $2 trillion (€1.4 trillion) out of a still rocky US economy over 10 years.

Clearly, Obama wants what is best for his own people and doesn't want the western world's biggest economy defaulting on its debt on his watch.

But the US, so long a gleaming beacon of hope and wealth to many here, isn't out of the water yet.

We can only wish their leader the best in the work ahead -- it's in all our interests that the country pulls together now -- because we all want that place where dreams can still come true to be there for us, should we need it.