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Editorial: Anger at Brady's lack of remorse

THE decision of Cardinal Sean Brady not to resign from his position as leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland has not pleased those survivors of sexual abuse by clerics who had called for his resignation.

Those angry with his decision had pointed out that he was a seasoned canon lawyer 35 years ago when he made two young teenagers swear an oath they would not tell anyone, including gardai, about the abuse they suffered in attacks by notorious paedophile Fr Brendan Smyth.

He and the church authorities assured the victims' families that Fr Smyth would never be allowed the opportunity to continue his sexual assaults on innocent children. But Smyth continued to attack children for years afterwards.

Cardinal Brady said he was only doing his job in 1975 and following the instructions of his superiors.

The cardinal has publicly expressed his shame and claims he is wiser and better prepared to do his job. But many believe his resignation would have been a stronger condemnation of the failure of church authorities to protect children.