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Editorial: Ahern's got some nerve to blast Biffo

FORMER Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's criticism of Brian Cowen's handling of the economic crisis will anger those not left dumbfounded with the sheer cheek of his statements.

Many will wonder what gives Bertie, who announced on Thursday last that he was retiring from the Dail, any authority whatsoever to be sticking the knife in to his former Fianna Fail cohort.

Ahern was not there for the country through the darkest days of the crisis and clearly made no contribution to defusing it or we would no doubt be hearing all about it now.

In fact, many of the policies put in place by Bertie's administration and the blind eye overseeing them doubtlessly contributed to our massive budget deficit.

So, in any sense it is more than a bit rich to be bleating from the wings with the safety of hindsight about how the current Taoiseach should or should not have handled things -- it is, in fact, totally out of order.

Meanwhile, it seems Bertie still has not ruled out running for President, which shows just how out of touch with public opinion he must be.