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Editorial: Aer Lingus row must end now

THE Aer Lingus cabin crew rostering dispute is now well into its second week with no sign of resolution. Dozens of flights have been cancelled and thousands of passengers have had their travel plans disrupted with another 14 flights cancelled today.

Both the company and Impact trade union positions seem entrenched, yet to the outside eye, the issues do not appear to be insurmountable.

Aer Lingus wants the cabin crew to work 850 flying hours a year and they have already signed up to the increase in annual hours under the "Greenfield" cost cutting plan.

What is at issue is a range of changes made to the roster to achieve this. This dispute is bad for Aer Lingus's reputation and is damaging to Ireland's image.

We also need political direction to compel both sides to hammer out a solution -- and as quickly as possible.