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Editorial: Act now to halt risk of waste chaos

THE possibility of strike action in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council area has serious implications for other Dublin local authorities.

SIPTU workers are threatening to strike over the privatisation of the bin collection service.

The county council says it has little choice as its customer base of 64,000 has dropped to just 18,000 in four years and the losses, if not reduced, will undermine its ability to deliver other services.

If the dispute is not settled, there is a strong likelihood waste collection services across the wider Dublin city and county area could be plunged into chaos next week.

The last thing the capital city needs, in the middle of summer, is thousands of tonnes of waste accumulating in city streets bringing with it the risk of serious disease.

Remember the images from Naples and other European cities? The LRC talks must resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.