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Editorial: A bank that likes to say no to money

Did we ever think we'd see it -- the bank that likes to say no to your money? That's if the money's in cash and you're trying to lodge it with NIB.

It's yet another step in the move to keep customers out of the banks.

Businesses and individuals who want to lodge money must now go to the post office to do so.

You couldn't make it up.

Banks have been doing their level best for some time to discourage customers from doing business in their branches.

Longer queues, fewer staff and a relentless drive to get you go online do nothing to ease your way through the banking system.

But other banks should think twice before following NIB's example.

Those customers whose cash deposits they've become so sniffy about are also taxpayers.

And which bank will be the first to say no to those taxpayers 'lodging' those bail-out billions?