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Editorial: 9/11 victims are today in our thoughts

THE horrific events of 9/11 which unfolded exactly nine years ago today, stunned the world. As people across the globe tried to grasp the reality of that moment, little did they realise that the entire world had changed forever.

The attack on New York's iconic twin towers was to have ramifications much closer to home than the distressing scenes of war and turmoil which were to unfold in Iraq and Afghanistan and capitals all over that were to be subsequently targeted by terrorists.

It took away all our sense of safety and meant travel between countries, which was becoming ever easier, was suddenly constrained by tight security which still remains nine years later.

Meanwhile, the fallout of that fateful day continues with inter-religious conflict and mistrust.

Today many will remember the haunting voices of emergency calls and our hearts will go out to the thousands of families who lost loved ones that day.