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Editorial: 30kph zone will drive us from city

The introduction of a new 30kph speed limit in Dublin's city centre was absurd from the outset, but now it's just a nightmare.

If the powers that be think that cars are so terrible, then they should go the whole nine yards and just ban them outright from the city centre.

Anything would be better than the current situation which sees motorists crawling around the city at unnaturally low speeds, terrified of being booked.

At a time when exchequer returns are down, you would imagine that measures would be taken to encourage people to come into the city to spend their money, not to drive them away.

The councillor who proposed the measure, Andrew Montague, has yet to make a convincing argument for it. He said it would save lives. But any measure that leaves people looking at their speedometer more than at the road can't be a good idea.