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Eamon Keane: FG's comeback kid claims all the momentum

Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" was a regular catch phrase in the cartoon comedy show South Park.

There was a character called Kenny who was killed in each episode but kept coming back to fight another day.

Remind you of another Kenny? The man who is set to be your Taoiseach has survived numerous political deaths. How do you stop him ?

Enda has recently switched roles and is now starring as 'Commander-in-Chief'.

Today he flew out to meet Angela Merkel. Aside from discussing the price of sauerkraut it is hard to see this as anything other than a publicity stunt. But to stop his momentum you must accept why FG are hitting the mark with the Irish people.

We've been beaten up as a nation. We fear for our financial futures. We watched the IMF/EU suits come to town and rub our noses in it.

Yes we want revenge but first we want safety. This election is going to the ones who give the reassurance that we will personally be financially safe. When people are scared the safe ground is just to the right of the centre. Strong, not too radical, but promising to clean things up and restore order.

Deputy Michael Noonan has now been reinvented as Sheriff of S**t Creek.

He sounds strong, can take out an opposition politician from 50 yards.Yet in the new High Noonan, the sheriff has a soft side and will tend to the widows and ordinary folk.

Meanwhile, all the Posse of the Left promise is a good ole shoot-out with the bankers. We know deep down who will win that one. So reassurance, not revenge, is the key.

Once you understand that deep sentiment then you can focus on Enda.

Gilmore and Martin will go for him in the debate.

Like Dick Spring under the high ball in his rugby days , Enda can be pressurised into mistakes.

That will be very hard in the ludicrous five-way format. Adams and Gormley are like two fellas crashing a wedding -- no one is quite sure why they're there but they could yet steal your drink or missus at any time. So Martin and Gilmore must fight for space.

After that the key goal is to take the Centre Right ground

Labour initially left themselves vulnerable on tax. Us citizens of S**t Creek do not want to be scared any further. Despite Labour stating clearly that there will be no tax increase for those earning under e100,000, FG are still throwing that mud and it's sticking.

It is costing Labour this election, so they must hit back and highlight the cost of FG policies.

Gilmore must also drill home that FG are playing the old tactic of smear and fear. For FF, Martin must try and hammer home that FG will cost you, that there is no free lunch. So far that line hasn't worked, mainly because FF have already taken the crumbs from your mouth to feed the bankers.

Enda has momentum but it can be a quare thing. A great Kerry football team once had it. Going for five in a row, they were.

But they were undone by an Offalyman called Seamus Darby in the dying moments of an All-Ireland final in Croke Park . You never know what can happen.

The key for Labour and FF is to emphasise that nothing is decided until the final whistle.

In the end the creators of South Park decided to stop killing Kenny. In an episode called Mysterion Rises, Cartman and Co discover that it's pointless as Kenny has the power of resurrection. We will find out in the next two weeks if the man from Mayo has similar qualities.