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Eamon Carr: Endgame for Septic Blatter

Sepp Blatter has brought football into disrepute. And for that he should resign.

His mealy mouthed apology to England and Mexico is insufficient. Too little, too late. The damage has been done to the beautiful game's reputation worldwide and for that anyone who cares about sport and its ideals should not just ask Sepp Blatter to fall on his sword, they should sharpen it for him first.

Sepp Blatter has to be sacked.

A campaign to Dump Blatter should be orchestrated on a global scale.

If football is to save its tarnished soul, there needs to be a putsch. Officials should meet and pass some extraordinary measures that see the unctuous toad being handed a black spot.

It isn't just England and Mexico that have been slighted by Blatter's illogical incompetence in denying the use of technology to assist with major goal-line decisions.

Everyone who enjoys football, from every spectator down to every kid who plays the game in their dreams, is belittled by the venal political manoeuvrings of the reviled FIFA president.

Since Blatter took over as FIFA chief from Brazilian Joan Havelange in 1998, his antics have caused controversy.

The last straw was to publicly humiliate Ireland when the FAI protested, on behalf of an irate nation, that we'd been cheated out of a place at the finals in South Africa by the on-pitch gladhanding of Thierry Henry.

In an act of gross indecency that would have seen him bounced out of most diplomatic services in the world, Blatter publicly mocked Ireland and our FA representatives.

The strange noise we now hear coming from South Africa is not the drone of 50,000 vuvuzelas. It's the sound of the harsh realities of Blatter's incompetent decisions coming home to roost.


This tournament has been blighted with dumb refereeing errors that, thanks to television technology, everyone can see. Except the third FIFA monkey with his hands across his eyes.

The USA were denied an obvious goal. Mexico had a goal given against them. The term of England's World Cup pain has been extended in the most cruel fashion imaginable.

Until yesterday, Blatter's attitude amounted to "tough shit".

The headlines say Blatter has apologised. Reading his remarks, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see some thinly veiled racial insults. Blatter is incapable of doing the decent thing.

"It happened in 1966 and then 44 years later," he says, rubbing salt in England's wounds by alluding to the question mark that hangs over their famous World Cup final victory against West Germany.

"The English said thank you and accepted that you can win and you lose." Phew! Some cheek there Sepp.

But what of Mexico's torment?

"And the Mexicans bowed their head and accepted it," says Blatter. Why would any race bow their heads to a puffed-up clerk? Separated from its business context, Blatter's remark is vile, disgusting and verging on racism.

He likes to throw his weight about, does old Sepp.

He's put pressure on French President Nicolas Sarkozy by suggesting that France might be suspended from FIFA if the President interferes with the internal workings of the French FA.

Surely football officials around the world are squirming at the mess Blatter insists on landing them in? Will they risk being ejected from the gravytrain by moving against him?


Or will the beautiful and empowering ideals of a glorious sport continue to be disgraced by one man's bullheaded reluctance to change and inability to grasp the notion of justice in sport and in life?

"Let's leave football with errors," Sepp has said in the past.

World Cup 2010 has shown that his advice has been a recipe for ridicule.

It's time to get rid of the boss who's been making a laughing stock of the game and everyone who play or supports it.

Dump Blatter now.