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Dwan fought and was shot in firefight at North King Street


John Dwan

John Dwan

John Dwan

John Dwan was born in 1893 and lived in a tenement building at Lower Gardiner Street in Dublin's north inner city.

He was educated in Richmond Street School and was later employed in the Inchicore Railway Works.

He was a member of the Irish Volunteers from its foundation in 1913. He was also a member of the Pioneer temperance association.

While John became involved in armed nationalsim his brother James Dwane enlisted with the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, in 1914.

Members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers were deployed against the rebels during Easter Week but James Dwane was stationed in France and Flanders at this time.

John Dwan was a member of F Company, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade.

During Easter Week he saw active service in the Four Courts garrison under Commandant Ned Daly.

Over the course of six days he served at different posts in the Four Courts, Church Street and North King Street areas.

On the final day of the Rising, Saturday April 29, during fierce fighting at a barricade on North King Street, John suffered serious gunshot wounds.

On seeing him fall his friend William Hogan lifted John on his shoulders and crawled back to the entrance of Coleraine Street, where he laid his friend down and stood guard until stretcher-bearers could be found to take him to hospital.

John died of his injuries the following day.

His remains were later identified by his mother Mary Dwan and father James Dwan in the Whitworth Hospital.

His mother arranged his funeral, which took place on May 4, 1916. He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery with his two sisters, Hannah (12) and Margaret (18), who died in 1906.

Details submitted by grand-niece Maria Dwane