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Dunne is no friend to working people

AS THE star guest on the current Get Ireland Working roadshow, former Dunnes Stores boss Ben Dunne is bringing his own brand of motivational speaking to the country.

"I was fired in the 90s and hit rock bottom," said Ben during his speech, again trying out his own brand of empathising with the common working man.

The only thing missing from that sentence, of course, is a tiny bit of context, because if Ben were to be full and frank in his disclosure, it would actually read something like this.

"I was fired from my job as the boss of Dunnes Stores (a job which I inherited from my father) with a payoff of several hundred million euro, having already embraced rock bottom through my fondness for cocaine, prostitutes, cash handouts to politicians and the betting of huge sums of money on games of golf as a means of spending the massive salary that Dunnes paid me for decades."


"And while I was in charge of Dunnes, I let 12 employees go on strike without pay for over two years, simply because they objected to my policy of selling oranges which originated from the apartheid regime in South Africa that many other companies were boycotting."

Ben Dunne as a friend of the common man, who empathises with people who've lost their jobs?

To paraphrase his former company's slogan, This Dunnes Bore Bulls*** Beats Them All.