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Dressed for work? Who's sari now Ray?


Ray D'Arcy

Ray D'Arcy

Ray D'Arcy

FFOllowing news of an American woman allowing herself to be dressed by her small child, Ray D'Arcy gave the experiment an Irish flavour this week and agreed to be dressed by his daughter.

And kitted out on day one in a sleeveless white shirt, tiny waistcoat, un-knotted white tie and baby blue scarf - worn under the tie and across the chest like a sari - Ray is perhaps grateful that he's currently only on RTE radio and his mooted TV career hasn't yet begun.

Because to the question of what you look like when dressed by your eight-year-old daughter, the answer is sadly predictable. You look like a 50-year-old man dressed in an eight-year-old's clothes.

WWHen UTV Ireland was launched six months ago, an insider stressed that Pat Kenny's much-anticipated new vehicle would not be a chat show. This week, however, it has been revealed that it will be a chat show.

Well, kind of, because filmed in front of a live audience, Pat's offering will be something like Piers Morgan's Life Stories, but not quite.

"The kind of show I want is that when you switch on, you won't know. It won't be formulaic. It could be one person interviewed. It could be four people. It could be a row." All of which - and correct me if I'm wrong - still makes it a chat show.

It's hard to know, to be honest, what to expect. Bizarrely, with only two months to go, neither the station nor the presenter seems able to describe it.