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Dreaming of Blondie gig as rock queen hits Olympia

FORGET Eminem, forget Bon Jovi. Blondie is coming to town next June. My favourite rock chick Debbie Harry, at the tender age of 67, will be tearing down the house at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

I will be right up the front, at the tender age of 42, bounding around the mosh pit -- one way or another!

Time to hang up voicemail

rI HAD an interesting conversation with some pals about their voicemail on their mobile phones. One guy never listens to his messages while another has deliberately taken off his voicemail so that people can't leave a message.

At first I thought that was rude, but actually, voice- mail is only a relatively recent invention and the phone was around for a long time before people could leave a message.

Maybe it's better to talk to people -- not listen back.

Healy's hope is an inspiration

uI AM honoured to be launching John Healy's book The Perfect Heart tonight. I had the privilege of filming John's wait for his heart transplant for an RTE documentary. The Restaurant star, right, is an inspiration and the epitome of bravery. His book would be a terrific present for anyone.