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Dragons can't bank on their pulling power

NNews has just emerged that Dragons' Den is in danger of not returning to our screens next year, as the show's current sponsor, Bank of Ireland, has cancelled its deal with RTE, and the producers are having a difficult time finding a replacement. All of which, for those who are fond of definitions, creates a neat example for the word irony. A show, which trumpets its willingness to invest in people's ideas, being axed as it cannot find someone to invest in its own.

RRunning the gauntlet of being a killjoy, I have to raise a question about the latest charity appeal - Decembeard. This is an encouragement to men to grow beards to raise awareness of prostate cancer. But is it a futile endeavour? Coming on the back of Movember, in aid of men's cancer, and preceded by Blue September, also in aid of men's cancer, is there not a danger that people will get charity fatigue? More importantly, with celebs like Gordon D'Arcy and Paul Galvin having grown beards as a fashion statement in recent years, how are you supposed to know who is doing so for charity, and simply wants to look hip?