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Dr Gav in dire need of humour transplant


Gavin Jennings

Gavin Jennings

Dr Gavin Jennings

Dr Gavin Jennings


Gavin Jennings

There's something insufferably annoying about some of the people who insist on putting the title 'Dr' in front of their name - even though they don't have any use for it as they no longer practise medicine - in the belief that it makes them sound a bit more impressive than the rest of us.

Take Dr Gavin Jennings, a former doc turned full-time presenter on RTE's Morning Ireland, who showed the world the pomposity of his ilk last week.

Satirical website Waterford Whispers joked about the Irish habit of over-indulging at Christmas, with a skit about an Irishman slowly easing himself back into work who claimed he would not be back to full operating capacity for nine months.

They called their fictional character Gavin Jennings.

It didn't take long for Dr Gavin Jennings to email them, demanding that they either change the name or take down the story, even though Waterford Whispers described their Jennings as a seller of home alarm systems, and there was nothing in the piece to remotely suggest any reference to the RTE presenter.

The sorry little episode has revealed Dr Gavin to be in bad need of a sense of humour and an urgent pompous-ectomy.

Ironically, his medical background could actually now come in useful as he may know a doctor who can help him with his.