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Don't take the people for fools

THE true Halloween horror for the Government is now clear. The same arrogance and power frenzy that seems to grip all modern ruling parties has now engulfed Fine Gael.

How Enda Kenny and Co ever believed that the public wanted someone like Gay Mitchell as president and how it expected to carry a referendum signifies the worst days of Fianna Fail.

The public will look at Fine Gael and see the smug arrogance that typified FF under Brian Cowen.

Now Minister Brendan Howlin has attacked the Referendum Commission for causing confusion among voters, leading to the defeat of the constitutional amendment.

Once again Mr Howlin, like Mr Kenny and the entire Cabinet, has missed the point -- do not take the people for fools.

If we don't know enough about something, we won't vote for it. It's time for this Government to start representing the people, not its own interests. The honeymoon is over, now get to work.