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Don't mention the war

WHAT Next? Deutschland uber alles at Croke Park on Sunday?

That was my reaction to the mad comment by German EU chief Gunther Oettinger, who suggested that the Irish Tricolour should be flown at half mast until our debts are repaid.

The suggestion is outrageous, risible, it beggars belief and is a gross insult to the Irish nation.

Coming from a country which has a somewhat chequered history with its European neighbours, it's even worse.

I hope that his comments do not reflect the views of the German nation.

The national flag is our most important symbol. It has been bought at a great price, andonly flown at half mast for on the death of important citizens, or for solidarity with other nations.

Nothing short of a grovelling apology should satisfy us.

Some might suggest -- given the events of the last century -- that Germans should still be flying their flag at half mast.

Just don't mention the war!