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Don't let IRA man fool us - he's a danger

WOULD-BE president Martin 'AK47' McGuinness talks a good game.

He wants to be inclusive, a candidate for all Ireland.

But how quick the mask slips.

Barely days into the contest he blurted out the standard Shinner racist slur -- labelling reporters 'west Brits'.

It had more in common with the bloodied streets of the North in the 70s than the road to the Aras.

It wasn't the IRA man's usual 'let's all get along here' script.

And it showed the leopard never really changes its spots.

This is the wannabe 'statesman' who's so inclusive he refused to meet the queen in Dublin Castle a few months ago.

Mary McAleese made a presidency of building bridges between different traditions.

McGuinness made a speciality out of blowing them up - particularly the rail and road crossings on the border.