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Don't bother with Infectious ... it won't catch


A scene from Infectious.

A scene from Infectious.

A scene from Infectious.

Six months after making a pilot spin-off show, the former cast members of Tallafornia have admitted defeat in trying to get a TV station to broadcast it, and simply put their work up on Youtube. Infectious is, indeed, something to behold.

A 'theory of evolution'-defying parade of Neanderthal behaviour, the show is an uninterrupted exercise in preening and bitching by all concerned.      

So badly produced that much of it is inaudible, from what I could make out the most commonly-used expressions seemed to be: c**t, c**k and f**k.      I can only warn you against watching Infectious, just in case the staggering stupidity of the participants turns out to be just that.


*Senator Catherine Noone has asked for Conor McGregor's UFC bout to be banned from Ireland, as she considers the sport of mixed martial arts to be "vile", and that "gruesome injuries are all-too frequent".

It's hard to escape that there is a hint of elitism in her campaign against the sport, which draws a predominantly working-class, male audience. Statistics show that MMA is no more dangerous than boxing, with injury levels per 1000 fights running at about the same. So if Catherine wants to be consistent, she should be seeking to ban all boxing from the country as well.

Well-intentioned though her claims may be, Senator Noone has picked the wrong fight.