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Don't be a comeback kid, Norris, even Elvis ended up a sad parody

MUHAMMAD Ali did it and got his brain battered . Elvis did it and ended up a bloated drug addicted parody of himself. I'm talking about the Comeback. David Norris, according to reports, is now seriously considering re-entering the Presidential Race.

If he does he needs to seriously consider the dangers of being a Comeback casualty.

For Senator Norris the Comeback must seem so attractive. A chance for vindication. You'd want it if your name had been dragged through the mud.


When you see others who you feel did worse sitting in high office it's hard to take. When the incessant feed of negative stories hit not just you but your family and friends. You had to sit by and issue guarded statements , suppressing the urge to scream.

And sometimes there was nothing you could do about it.

And then in the end you had to resign from the race and you're still not quite sure why. Even those close to you urged you to leave. Now more than 7,000 people have signed an online petition to have him re-enter the race.

However, I would caution David Norris against letting emotion overrule rational thought. That has been a very human weakness of his.

However if he is not careful this almost childlike naivety could land him in even more dangerous waters.

First off does David think the 'bad news' stories will suddenly stop? He, like everyone of us, has a past.

A homosexual past will be fodder for the tabloids. Stories will run and run.

Then there are the ones we saw resurrected in the last few months. They won't be going away anytime soon either.

There is the issue of his organisation and election team. If you are going to win a Presidential campaign you need streetwise hardened veterans as much as you need the idealists. Has he got them? He has lost momentum and it is not an easy thing to regain. Has he got the finance? Some of the other candidates have some pretty big boys behind them.

How will he get the required 20 Oireacthas nominations or County Councils? And then there is David himself. Will he leave himself exposed once again, forgetting to declare everything and anything that could potentially damage him? It's a tall order for any of us but unless he is forensically open he will be sunk .

To his wounded self the Comeback idea must seem like a slave to the soul. A chance to claim the prize you knew was yours all along. Heck, look at the opinion polls -- they still want you despite everything.

The craving for approval drew Elvis back. For Ali money was important, sure, but it was also the chance to be King, to surf on the waves of former glory. Norris will remember the first polls, the buzz, the people wanting you. But all that has utterly changed.

What is the most important thing for David Norris right now? Maybe it is the case that he won't find peace until he feels he gets a fair crack of the whip. Then he must do what he must do. And yes, sometimes there are things in life that are pure unfair. People take your name because they need to do you down. But David Norris needs to realise that there are many ways to get vindication. Writing a book for instance.


At the end of the day he must take counsel from those he trusts. If he does decide to run I will wish him the best.

I will be glad that the Irish people get a chance to vote for the most popular candidate.

But David cannot be childlike in his approach. He must know and accept what it will entail.

Not everyone can survive the Comeback.