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Do any of us wake up like Naomi does?

SSTand by for the latest social media craze, the #wakeupcall. This is another charity nomination craze, where you take a pic of yourself first thing in the morning. Cue set ups like with the no-makeup selfies, where women used buckets of make-up to look 'natural'. Naomi Campbell's #wakeupcall is a sight to behold - most of us definitely will not wake up looking like a supermodel in the morning. As for Stephen Fry's? Well, that's as natural as it gets.

jA STUDY has found that when it comes to taking on feedback about driving behaviour, women are far more likely to change their driving habits than men when something has been brought to their attention. The road safety study conducted by engineers at Trinity College Dublin was in collaboration with CRASH Services. You see, the minute someone says 'don't put on eyeliner and try to parallel park at the same time' we listen.

vA PUB in the UK has called a sign offering to nail children to a table a 'bit of fun'. The display, at the Black Lion in Bedfordshire, reads: "To avoid accident or injury to your child whilst the little darling is running around this establishment...why not hand the little poppet to a member of staff who will be happy to nail it to your table for you." Ok, so it sounds a little aggressive, but this is clearly a joke. They don't actually mean it. Turn off your sirens, PC brigade - after all, it's only satire.