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DJ spat over Ed is certainly no Garthgate

IIt wasn't exactly like the big gig news story of last year. Back then the nation was shook to its core when the Garth Brooks' shows at Croke Park were cancelled. Now the big Croker news is that Ed Sheeran is going to play there this summer. Nice, but not mega news. It certainly didn't warrant two DJs getting in trouble because they broke an embargo by revealing the gig. It will be interesting to see if Ed will do well in such a big stadium though.

MMy favourite dress of the Oscars was without a doubt the one which Lupita Nyong'o wore. This stunning actress seems to choose the perfect colours and the perfect designs. It could have looked draining on anyone else, but on Lupita it was divine.

TThis Friday we have the The Late Late Show Eurovision special. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Who are we going to send over this year and do we have a snowballs chance in hell of not coming in the last five? Who knows? Who cares? Well I do, and I will have my popcorn ready from some Euro-fabulousness.