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Dark day for residents of Priory Hall

The Priory Hall debacle that saw more than 250 people evacuated from their fire-trap homes is now a year old. The extent of the human misery and worry that has been heaped upon hard-working families only adds to the worry of the financial ruin that they are hreatened with if they are forced to pay rent while paying for mortgages on homes they cannot live in.

Priory Hall residents must know that they have our support today as they march back to the Donaghmede site today to raise awareness of their plight. They bought in good faith, they relied on the planning and building regulations laid down by law. They have done nothing wrong. Any one of us could be in the same position. But where is Tom McFeely, the rogue developer who threw the shoddy apartments onto the landscape of north Dublin?

Will he even think today of the men, women and children whose lives he has ruined?