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Crack down on fearless killer gangs

THE apparent ease with which gangsters murdered a criminal associate of John Gilligan is chilling. Stephen 'Dougie' Moran was shot dead two weeks to the hour after Gilligan was himself targeted – and gardai believe the same gang was behind both attacks.

If this proves to be the case, it is hugely worrying because it suggests these criminals were arrogant enough to target Moran despite the spotlight of garda attention being focused on them in the aftermath of Gilligan's shooting.

The same gang is also thought to have been behind a failed hit on Gilligan at a pub last December.

After a period of relative peace in Dublin's gangland, recent weeks have seen a number of attacks and murders in the capital.

A month ago, James Talbot was shot dead in Lucan, not far from where Moran was murdered.

This situation demands a strong response from the forces of law and order. Every resource must be made available to gardai to find the killers.