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Confusion reigns over Referendum

WELL, here's another fine mess. The Supreme Court's ruling that leaflets and a website were wrongly used to promote a Yes vote in the Children's Referendum is deeply embarrassing to the Government.

This blunder was an expensive one -- the campaign cost €1.1m. The Children's Minister, the Attorney General and other public servants involved should be made to account for the error-strewn work.

More importantly, however, the issue has served to muddy the waters ahead of a very important vote.

Many voters are confused about what's at issue tomorrow. The Supreme Court's decision will do little to clear matters up.

Today the Herald carries a Q&A that strives to make clear exactly what we are being asked to vote on.

Details are also online at the www.referendum2012.ie. Each citizen has a duty to be aware of what we're being asked to vote on.