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Confusion is no excuse for not voting

THE Children's Referendum campaign has been uninspiring, opaque and, at times, downright confusing. As the country heads to the polls today, many voters will still lack a clear notion of what their ballot entails.

That such a situation has come to pass tells us much about the degree, and standard, of debate.

The Yes side argues that passing the referendum will ensure that all Irish children are equal and the State recognises and protects their rights.

Some on the No side claim that constitutional change is legally unnecessary; others that it will undermine the family.

One thing is clear. Changing our Constitution is not a matter to undertake lightly. The Supreme Court decision on the Government's mismanagement of its 'Yes' campaign has muddied already unclear waters. Despite this, if you have a vote today, it is your duty to research the matter, and use it.