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Comfort in darkest time for family

IN the midst of one family's terrible anguish we have again witnessed the finest elements of Irish culture.

The tightknit west Cork fishing village of Baltimore has seen an outpouring of sympathy, kindness and volunteerism that is nothing short of inspirational.

Mother-of-three Ann Davis, who lost her husband and son in the triple drowning tragedy on June 30, issued a heartfelt appeal for help from experienced divers to locate and recover the body of Barry Davis Ryan (20).

For the past 11 days, more than 120 divers from all over Ireland donated their time to help the Ryan family recover the remains of a beloved son, brother and grandson.

The people of Baltimore in west Cork housed and fed them.

The successful recovery of the student's body was the very least that those selfless efforts deserved.

The past few days provided proof, if ever it were needed, that there are riches to a country far beyond the measure of simple economics.