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Why Calum is the Best man for Bainisteoir...

A week ago, I commented on Calum Best's merry jaunt through the nightclubs and chemists of rural Ireland; now comes the news that he's been added to the cast list of Celebrity Bainisteoir.

The producers have revealed the main reason he's been chosen: his famous dad, naturally enough.

"It should make for interesting viewing," said an insider, "as it's all a far cry from the glamorous scene that his dad would have inhabited."

And while we couldn't agree more with that sentiment, it can hardly be said about Georgia Salpa's ex-boyfriend himself.

After all, his life these days seems to revolve around trawling through the furthest recesses of the Irish countryside, being pictured with scantily clad locals.

So doing Bainisteoir isn't that much of a stretch for him...