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Whizz kids get chance to win top money tips

I'm always telling readers to get on top of money and debt issues, but sometimes it can be too late! Adults often learn the hard way about these things, so I'm delighted to see a new initiative, www.MoneyWhizz.org, bringing these simple lessons into the classroom for Senior Cycle students.

These online lessons, with interactive Q&As, show teenagers how to benefit from learning how money works before they get swamped by student loans, credit card debt and banks hounding them for business.

There are 10 lessons in all and 35 schools have signed up. MoneyWhizz has offered a full set to me for free to give to one lucky Herald reader's secondary school, so if you want yours in with a chance, email me on siryan@herald.ie with one budgeting tip for teens before midnight this Wednesday. I'll announce the winner next week.