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Sinead Ryan: I can't believe a New York surgeon says he'd let Ronan Tynan die on the table

Ronan Tynan has accomplished so much in his life -- as a double amputee he went on to become a paralympian, medical doctor and one of the world's greatest tenors. Now, however, a throwaway remark has left him faced with leaving his home in New York, after receiving death threats and hate mail, accusing him of anti-semitism.

He's lost his contract with the Yankees (where he sang God Bless America during games), after a bad taste Jewish joke he made to an estate agent was reported.

Since then he's been shunned at public events and one Jewish surgeon went so far as to say he'd leave him dying on an operating table. Charming. Oh, and illegal.

What a pity something so silly can lead to such uproar. Of course anti Jewish sentiment is wrong, but Ronan should be allowed to get on with what he does best and ignore overly sensitive people who can't get over themselves.