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Sinead Ryan: 'Fingers' Fingleton has feelings too? Oh, give me a break

Who knew bankers were such a sensitive lot? Take Michael 'Fingers' Fingleton for a start (someone, please etc). He's smarting after being called a bad word in the creche (er, Dail) recently and wanted his 'good name' defended. On the basis that he had to have one to start with, his demand was turned down and parliamentary privilege won out to fight another day in the playground.

Then we find out that former Anglo Irish boss David Drumm is suing the bank for "mental distress and harassment" after they came after him for the €8.2m he owes. Mind you, his distress is probably eased somewhat by living in a mansion in glorious Cape Cod -- one of two he owns, with the wife collecting all the rent from another one in Malahide.

Give us a break.