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Sinead Ryan: Don't ask me to feel any pity for Terry's WAG Toni

Did anyone else see the hellish conditions that poor old Mrs Terry has been forced to endure this week? There she is in a hailstorm of media attention, and all the deprived WAG has going for her is a pink bikini and a five-star resort in Dubai. Yes, when the hubby plays away, the WAGs get going ... in luxury, of course.

Mind you, she is to be admired all the same. John Terry was scoring regularly, by all accounts, with Wayne Bridge's girlfriend, while she was none the wiser.

However, let's have no sympathy for her -- she's just proven what a brilliant WAG she is after reportedly claiming she'd take her errant hubby back.

The pair of them are frolicking on the sun-drenched beaches of Dubai as we speak after Terry was granted 'compassionate leave' by his team manager. Just as well he's not playing for Man Utd. Can't see Alex Ferguson having the same empathy.

The point is, Toni totally gets the rules about being a footballer's wife. They are not the same as rules for ordinary people, but rather like the British aristocrats.

Poor old Diana came a cropper because of her naivete. She didn't realise that being a member of the Royal family meant you turned a blind eye to your husband's dalliances.

Princesses managed it for centuries before her, quite successfully. You take the bling, the power, the adoration and the money...and grin and bear it.

WAGs are no different. Toni agreeing to put it all behind her is truly admirable and shows she's the real thing. Lesser women (and we can count most of us here) would chuck him out, stand on our principles and have nothing to do with him. Not so Toni. Good girl herself.

Indeed, there'll undoubtedly be a few magazine spreads and maybe a spot on I'm A Celebrity Dancing, Big Brother or something similar out of the whole sorry mess. Another Margarita there, dear?

If we don't support our local cafes, restaurants now, they won't be around soon

According to alarming reports from the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI), one third of eateries will close over the next six months. It claims 80pc are already operating at a loss and, even allowing for some foodie hyperbole, the news is worrying. Richard Corrigan hit out this week that his €6,000 weekly rent for Bentley's in Dublin is staggering. "We ain't in f***ing Manhattan," as he quaintly put it.

But the truth is we ain't in France or Spain either and many customers think Irish restaurants should be charging similar prices. The lingering lunch in a rural bistro or tapas in that country village might be cheap in comparison to here, but let's get real about why. Our minimum wage is much higher than in other EU countries. Our VAT rates are extraordinary and many of those foreign restaurants are family owned, passed down through generations, so don't have any rent to contend with. Take all that out of the loop, and we too could do a menu du jour for a tenner.

The RAI has now written to the Government demanding that measures be taken, not least, the abolishing of the 'Sunday rate' of €12.10 an hour which is paid if you are rostered to work, even if it isn't an extra day or overtime. We've all cut back on luxuries these days, but perhaps it's time we loosened up a little and started giving our restaurateurs a break. In most cases, they have cut margins considerably and bargains are to be found everywhere, especially if you're eating early or midweek.

So, come on, let's shut up and eat up. We'll all be whinging if our favourite local restaurant closes down after all.

Paedo priest Hughes can spare us his pious guff

It's disgusting to hear priests still defending their actions over child abuse.

The latest, Patrick Hughes, convicted of indecent assault on a boy starting when he was just 11, said, "It was an altar boy thing" and he wasn't really sexually attracted to just any boys. Well, bully for him. It took 15 years to bring the case to court as the cowardly cleric and the Church gave authorities the runaround. Hughes came over all evangelical, adding: "I wandered into the desert and it was a lonely place but I'm back now," like he's some latter-day Jesus. What he actually meant was that it took sex abuse treatment in a US clinic for him to realise what a monster he was. He got a one-year sentence. The boy has a lifetime one.

No hilltop wedding for our Stu, then?

Poor old Stuart Townsend. He's been dumped by gorgeous Charlize Theron after she realised they were "more like brother and sister" than lovers. Well, after nine years together it must be the ultimate kick in the face to be considered brotherly.

Does this mean we won't be seeing Charlize atop the Hill of Tara? The Howth man has been fronting a campaign to stop the M3 being built and at one stage there was even talk the pair would get hitched on the hill ... Bah!

Eamon Ryan’s idea of a big emergency

HAS everyone kept those handy little booklets instructing us what to do in the event of a national emergency? Well, you needn’t hang on to it any more. Now, it seems, we’re going to get a text message, should the unthinkable happen. Minister Eamon Ryan was wheeled out to deliver the important message, which was a bit unfortunate as his idea of an emergency is slightly different from the rest of us. The new system, he announced importantly, could be used to ask people to switch off their water during a shortage. Right then. That’ll be our priority, so.