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Sinead Ryan: Agnetha's on side, now an Abba reunion is up to the boys

I KNOW I'm in danger of getting this out of proportion, but I won't be talked down. In fact, I'm saving up already, I don't care how much it costs or where it's on, but -- Mamma Mia -- there's going to be an Abba reunion and Knowing Me, Knowing You we can't wait!

Yes, the fab four are in talks about a concert. Not, sadly, the 100-show deal they turned down a couple of years ago for $1bn, but a 'once off' for charity.

The only stumbling block, as Abba aficionados will know, was the "blonde one".

Agnetha, who was married to Bjorn, had had enough and went off to live a hermetic existence on a remote Swedish island years ago. It was rumoured she had forgotten all her English and shunned the Super Trouper spotlight, marrying a policeman and opting for a quiet life.

Even when the phenomenally successful movie Mamma Mia was released, the only premiere she turned up to was the Swedish one where she took flight after about five minutes on the red carpet. Shy? Maybe. Precious? Probably, but hey, that's the Name of the Game (enough already -- Ed).

Anyhow, Agnetha now says she wouldn't be completely averse to belting out a few hits again if the others got in touch. "I just feel it would be fun to meet, chat about the old days and perhaps perform together," she said in a rare interview. "I think we would all consider a one-off reunion, maybe for a good cause", although she ruled out a tour like other comeback bands.

She hadn't been in touch with the other three, though. Well, Honey, honey -- we'll do it for you!

Benny, Bjorn, enough of the West End musicals -- get your glad rags back on and Ring, Ring, why don't you give her a call? (Right, that's it, you're fired -- Ed).

Agnetha may be 60 now (I know, don't think about it -- the others are collecting their bus passes), but just like Abba's music we haven't aged a bit ourselves, so it'll be hopping around the handbags like we're 17-year-old Dancing Queens again.

Sure, if they forget a few words, don't we know all the songs? Everyone has Abba Gold on CD -- it gets played in my car to drown out fighting/squabbling/ annoying children.

Singing Waterloo at the top of my voice ensures instant mortification in the back seat and promises to be quiet if I'll stop.

But that's the thing about Abba music -- you can't stop.

We knew we'd said Hasta Manana to them back in the 80s but we were always sure they'd make a return, really.

But no sooner has the blonde one finally come out from under her shell than Bjorn changed his mind.

"We would like people to remember us as we were -- young, exuberant and full of energy and ambition," he said.

Speak for yourself, Bjorn -- we haven't changed a bit. Bring it on!