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PrePayPower? Well not if it's that hard

I've received complaints from people about using PrePayPower, the pay as you go meter for electricity.

Although it seems a perfect solution for those struggling with bills, it's 25pc more expensive than bill pay. What really annoys though, is their cancellation policy.

You have to give 30 days' notice before you can leave, even after you've been on contract for a year. Why? I contacted the company but got no response.

I checked the terms and conditions (which are perfectly legal but a bit mean-spirited in my opinion) and found they charge a hefty cancellation fee of €11.25 per month, and meter de-installation charge of €50 (which at least is refundable once they get their equipment back) if you cancel without the requisite notice.

There's no need for this at all, and given PrePayPower's customer base is typically those who are in straitened circumstances, it's a little harsh.

Another aspect I find annoying is an automatic rolling over of contracts after a year which means customers are locked into these arrangements whether they realise it or not.

They changed their T&Cs recently to reflect the new charges, but original customers are also being bound by them and asked to check the website for changes. Sorry, but not everyone can do that. A bit more effort on the customer side wouldn't go amiss I think, especially if you're trying to woo customers.