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Insurance may help you with jury duty

Being called for jury duty is a privilege but for someone serving on a long trial it can create a financial burden.

While the law ensures an employee must continue to be paid by their company, the same is not so for self-employed or seasonal workers.

There are no travel or other expenses such as babysitters covered either. Apart from your lunch being provided it's up to you to foot the bill for serving.

However, many people may not realise that their household insurance policy may make a payout for those called to jury service. Aviva, for example, pays €40 a day, up to €650 maximum.

Liberty pays €25 per day up to €700. Allianz, however, doesn't provide for it at all, so it's definitely worth seeing if your policy does.

If a claim is made, it is usually covered as standard without loss of your no claims bonus.