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Don't let Greek crisis ruin your hols

Those going on holiday to the beautiful Greek islands may be worried about the current crisis. With a euro exit looking increasingly likely, tourists need to make plans before heading off. Your pre-paid package holiday won't change - you'll still get there and back. Any drachma reintroduction will take over a year to implement, and the euro will remain the currency in the meantime.

However, shops, restaurants and other retailers may be more reluctant to take your credit card - they'll want hard cash if they're in a financial crisis that makes them fear for their currency falling apart.

Be aware of this, but not to the point where you're carrying lots of cash around and posing a theft risk. Use hotel safes and split up money in your party.

Strikes and riots remain a probability, so this may impact on your getting around on buses, ferries and public transport. Capital controls have been issued. This restricts the amounts being taken from banks, and some ATMs may not be stocked.

If there is a full run on banks, this will escalate.


With every crisis comes opportunity. If you haven't yet booked a holiday, flights to Greece are cheaper and plentiful, and package holidays are down around 10pc in cost.

If you're feeling lucky, you might get an ultra-cheap break where others won't go. The cost of living has plummeted and late bookers could bag a bargain.