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Am I the only mother to cringe at Peaches' tattoos?

Am I the only mother out there who cringed at the pictures of Peaches Geldof modelling some new underwear collection? The pretty 20-year-old has loads going for her in the 'getting noticed' world of fame: well-known

parents, a daft name and a penchant for exhibitionism and strop-throwing.

So far, so celebrity offspring.

So what possessed her to ruin her lovely clear-skinned blemish-free body with ugly tattoos?

The image is so horrifying it manages to achieve something almost impossible: you completely ignore the gorgeous model in skimpy underwear and instead your fascination is fixated on the unicorn nibbling at flowers which trail from a vine growing from her left breast to her knee.

Then there's the cacophony of hearts, emblems and words needled on to her arm ... and they're the ones we can see. Any mum of teens has to get used to dodgy haircuts, ragbag fashion, piercings and studs in pretty unlikely places. But you're confident enough to know that when the kids grow up the style will, too.

However, tattoos are permanent and are a drastically bad look on the determinedly gravity-following skin of a 50-year-old which might seem a lifetime away to Peaches. But hey, we all know how quickly it passes. Uugh.

Methinks her next gig should be for an all over wetsuit maker -- or plastic bag retailer. She's not doing the underwear firm any favours.