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My Perfect Weekend

On Friday night I'd:

Probably hit the Ice Bar in the Four Seasons or Kiely's in Donnybrook, which is my local.

If I'm in town, maybe Doheny & Nesbitt's to start with, ending up somewhere on Dawson Street.

It's best to go out early on Friday when people are finishing work and there's a great atmosphere!

My favourite stiff drink is:

In winter by the fire it's a Jameson and Coke with one cube of ice, and on summer nights it's vodka and orange.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session?

I have a treadmill at home so I'd usually run on that for half an hour listening to music.

I also get a good workout going around the shops! I don't get too many lie-ins with a toddler these days.

I miss them.

My favourite item of clothing is:

A fake-fur, dark-brown Karen Millen coat which keeps me nice and snug on those winter nights when I'm looking for a taxi home.

If I'm heading out on the town, it's usually a little black dress and skyscraper heels.

My Saturday night fever:

I usually go out for dinner every Saturday night and then take it from there.

Saturday night is usually a girls' night out, starting out with cocktails and ending up God knows where!

My favourite hangover cure:

Lots of ice-cream and a quick jump in the 40 foot if it's not raining, followed by a hot whiskey or a couple of Bloody Marys.

On Sunday I rest by:

I'm usually on Facebook finding out what everybody else did for the weekend and looking at their photos.

I'm currently reading:

4 am in Las Vegas by Michelle Jackson. I can't put it down.

My last supper:

I would have to go back to the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood where I was last month and have dinner there with my best friends followed by a dip in the 24-hour heated outdoor pool. Bliss!