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Marisa Mackle: There's no excuse for dad-to-be cheats

It's not difficult to cheat on a pregnant woman. Mums-to-be will not particularly want to go out socialising -- it's no fun sipping water when everybody else is downing shots and having a great time. It's also exhausting growing another human being inside you.

A decent man will do everything to make sure his partner is loved and supported as she prepares to give birth to their child. She will be more emotional than usual as her hormones are all over the place. This is not the time to be flirting with other women, no matter how innocent, or pointing out how well another woman is looking. If she is not up for lovemaking then don't search elsewhere. Some women do enjoy sex throughout their pregnancy but a lot don't, so don't put pressure on her.

In an ideal world a man would shower his pregnant partner with affection, book her a couple of luxury massages, and insist that she put her feet up while he cooks dinner. In an ideal world men would not be unfaithful or seek out the services of a prostitute.

Coleen Rooney must be disgusted that, while she was busy nesting, her husband, with more money than sense, was parading around the place with a prostitute on his arm. The worst thing about it is that he didn't seem to care who saw him. You would have to wonder at his arrogance.

Lots of footballers cheat. It's probably easier for men with money as they can afford to pay for prostitutes and hotel rooms with cash.

Lots of footballers are great looking guys with super-fit bodies. Women throw themselves at footballers. I've seen it many times. Girls literally queuing up to get their attention. Wedding band or not, they just don't care. Footballers are magnets for money grabbers who dream of one day being a WAG. But in the case of Wayne Rooney, he was not out in a club being hit on by pretty blondes. His cheating was premeditated. And he paid somebody for sex.

But Coleen married him knowing that he had cheated with prostitutes before. She made every excuse in the book for his philandering. So, in a way, she only has herself to blame.