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Good luck to all facing stressful Leaving Cert

It’s nearly that time of the year again with the dreaded Leaving Cert examinations looming on the horizon.

In two weeks, thousands of 
boys and girls will gather in exam halls the length and breath of 
the country to sit the most 
important exams of their young lives.

Make no mistake about it, it is an anxious and stressful time for student and parents alike.

So many of these young people’s lives and careers will depend on the outcome.

All of us who have sat these exams will always remember the pressures and the stresses and strains of this gruelling test.

However, in my time, which was a long time ago, the opportunities were very limited and we only had one bite of the cherry.

If we didn’t succeed in getting into university, teaching or the public service, the only alternative was to go to England - and by the way, that’s the one I took. I’m glad to see those times have changed.


Nowadays, pupils have a wider variety of choices if they don’t achieve their required points.

There are many third-level institutions in which they can further their careers.

They should also remember that the Leaving Cert is not the 
be all and end all of their lives.

I hope they know that many 
of Ireland’s most successful business people and celebrities 
didn’t make a big fist of the exams at all.

They should keep that in mind and good luck to all of them.