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We don't need a flyover to remember Veronica


Veronica Guerin

Veronica Guerin

Veronica Guerin

IT was recently proposed that the newly-opened Newlands Cross flyover should be named after Veronica Guerin.

The proposal was made at a South Dublin County Council area meeting last year and was due to go for public consultation.

If the proposal was accepted it would have been a fitting lasting tribute to a fearless and courageous woman who is fondly remembered, respected and admired by every decent law-abiding person in this State.

Alas, there now appears to be some doubt about the whole idea after Sinn Fein came out against it.

SF councillor Jonathan Graham claimed that the move would be inappropriate, stating that it would lead to a hierarchy of victims.

Hold on. Isn't Sinn Fein the same party that glorifies the exploits of IRA "freedom fighters" in Belfast and other areas of Northern Ireland.


Isn't this the same party who fought to retain Raymond McCreesh Park in Newry, named after an IRA man?

The Shinners rowed back on their position last week, denying that they had attempted to block the proposal. In the meantime, the Guerin family have made their feelings known and no longer want to associate themselves with the proposal. I tend to agree.

Veronica Guerin was murdered because of her work as a journalist, upholding the role of a free press. The Irish people do not need a commemorative flyover to remember her name or her legacy.