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Time we had our own royals for a good old gossip


The royal baby

The royal baby

The royal baby

I WAS in Blackburn when Kate Middleton gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (above).

I was taken aback at the sheer levels of joy among ordinary people on the arrival of the fourth in line to the British throne.

In one tavern that I entered I was offered a free pint to celebrate the birth of the Royal Princess, no less. The town centre was decked with bunting and banners.

And it wasn't just England that was beaming. On my return to this country I was amazed, once again, at the fascination we have here for all things pertaining to the British royal family. Everyone was talking about the little girl.

It is a mystery to me as to how we are engrossed and entranced by all the shenanigans of the Windsors. Maybe we should consider bringing back the High Kings of Ireland...then we'd have some home-grown royals to obsess about!