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This sick farce shows why we need a Megan's law here

I'M disgusted by the bare-faced cheek of serial rapist Michael Murray.

This is truly a vile ogre with a brass neck. In a letter to the Herald, his solicitors have made outlandish claims that our decision to tell readers of his address has interfered with his privacy. That is one letter that belongs in the bin.

I believe the Herald is doing an essential public service by ensuring that the people of Ireland are aware of an evil villain in their midst.

We are dealing here with a psychopathic beast who raped four women and sexually assaulted two others in a six-day period. He trampled on their fundamental human right, to be able to walk the streets without fear of attack.

It has long been a bug bear of mine that we have no legislation to deal with sexual predators like Murray after their release. Our laws have no proper response. In America, Megan's Law came into being as a result of the abduction and murder of a little girl. Now, all those convicted of sexual crime must make themselves known to the police in their area, and the local community must be informed. I'm calling on the Minister for Justice to introduce similar legislation in Ireland.

I believe that those convicted of sexual crime like rape and sexual assault, and convicted paedophiles, should be subject to the strictest scrutiny on release from prison. They should be forced to report to their local garda station on at least a weekly basis and it should be compulsory for them to inform gardai of their whereabouts.

Furthermore, they should be subject to lifelong scrutiny, and with advances in modern technology they should be electronically tagged for at least 10 years following their release. In addition, I believe they should surrender their passports, and only receive permission to travel abroad after the police in a specific jurisdiction are informed through Interpol.

Alas, such laws do not yet exist in Ireland, so it is up to responsible newspapers like the Herald to keep readers informed in the type of people living in their midst.


We will not be cowed by the pathetic demands of Murray, as I believe our exposure of his whereabouts goes some way towards protecting the community from further attacks.

We know that Michael Murray is a sick man, and his uncontrollable sexual impulses are a lifelong feature. He is incurable and thus poses a constant and ever-present danger to women.

In my opinion, there is no crime other than murder that is as vile, odious and unspeakable as rape.

With his horrific actions, Michael Murray sentenced his victims to a lifetime of pain and agony. Their lives are forever blighted and they have been robbed of trust for other humans. They live in a twilight world of fear, panic and anxiety.

In 1996, Murray received 10 sentences of 18 years each. Yet inexplicably, thanks to our ridiculously lenient system, this man is now free.

It makes my blood boil that this scumbag should now be threatening legal action. He is giving the finger to every honest, decent, right- thinking person in this country.