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The weirdos wielding placards at Dail aren't the ones to be concerned about


Minister Alan Kelly

Minister Alan Kelly

Minister Alan Kelly

Earlier this month a violent protest by anti-water charge protestors outside the Dail resulted in a garda needing hospital treatment.

Last year a young man in a highly agitated and violent state brandished a sword as he charged into the yard of Government Buildings.

This week a garda report highlighted the possible dangers posed to politicians and visitors alike attending the Dail by loners or fixated persons.

There is no doubt that the Dail acts as a magnet for many weird and odd individuals who use the street outside it as a forum to air their grievances, imaginary or otherwise, against the Government.

Not a day goes by but some protestor with his grievances printed on a placard can be seen marching up and down outside the gates.


Almost all of these people would pose no danger to the public, a TD or a senator.

However, other protesting elements do. Far more sinister than placard wielders are the anonymous cowards who issued death threats to Minister Alan Kelly in recent times.

Gardai have warned Mr Kelly about the threats, made by dissident republicans in reaction to the establishment of Irish Water.

On television last weekend, Minister Kelly told of his concern that his family, wife, parents and staff were also targeted.

The security situation of Leinster House can be easily remedied. Not so, these threats from dissident IRA quarters.

On the show Minister Kelly was visibly shaken by the intimidation. I can well understand his feelings - I was once the target of such an organisation.

The gardai will take this issue seriously - expect these cowardly thugs to be tracked down.