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Since when did fans matter to GAA suits?

AS the final whistle was blown in the thrilling All-Ireland semi-final between Kerry and Mayo last Sunday, an announcement came over the PA system.

The replay would take place in the Gaelic grounds in Limerick the following Saturday. It's a decision that has baffled and angered many GAA supporters in The Kingdom and in Mayo.

It was, in my opinion, a decision taken without much consideration or thought by the suits in GAA headquarters for the grassroots supporters.

It was premature, high handed and taken in haste without consultation with team managers or county boards.

What's more it displayed a growing and worrying disconnect between the Croke Park bosses and ordinary GAA supporters.

I do not begrudge Limerick its good fortune in securing the replay in the Gaelic Grounds, it is a fine venue and will bring a welcome financial bonanza to the city.


But this rematch could and should be played in Croke Park. It is the only fitting venue for such an encounter.

I fully understand the crowded scheduling in Croker at this time of the year and the planned American college football game this Saturday, but surely Saturday week would have been the ideal date for the rematch in headquarters, and we would have none of this hullabaloo.

Anyway, it seems the GAA bosses are not for turning - despite all of the furore.

Sure, we're only the fans.