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Roz has the right recipe on fad diets


Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell

II was encouraged to see model Roz Purcell speak out this week to condemn fad or extreme dieting. Apparently she felt under pressure to engage in such diets when she was working as a model in New York. It's hardly my area of expertise but from what I can see, some elements of the fashion industry have, over the past decade, encouraged dangerous dieting regimes. In some cases these diets have reduced models to stick insects on the catwalk.

This is all for very well for the model - if they want to look undernourished that's their business. But I fear for the effect such trends have on impressionable young people, male and female, who try to emulate the pictures they see. Roz Purcell has sounded a warning about such behaviour. Her model diet in New York resulted in her developing an under-active thyroid, causing her metabolism to shut down. Thankfully Roz is back on a healthy diet and even runs a blog about nutritious food.

Good work!